cracked heels

What To Do If You Have Cracked Heels?

If not treated, dry feet skin can lead to cracked heels, and when cracks become deep, it can become very discomfortable and even painful. Dry skin usually develops into corns or calluses, and if the calluses on your feet split under pressure this will lead to cracked heels problem.

Cracks in your skin can become infected, which could cause even greater discomfort and pain, so if you already have very deep cracks please see a doctor or dermatologist.

What to do if you have cracked heels?

Step 1

Don’t wear shoes which have open backs because this dries out your heels and will crack even more. Wear shoes that aren’t too tight and don’t rub on your heels so you don’t worsen your condition

Step 2

Purchase foot cream or lotion. Most remedies for dry skin can be purchased over-the-counter. Regularly apply the heel cream on your cracked heels so your skinĀ  would stop drying out. You can use the heel cream treatment twice a day for a week, to get the best results. It’s best if you find special heel cream with alpha-hydroxy, salicylic acid and urea, like Heel Tastic.

Step 3

Use a pumice stone or loofah sponge to buff the dry skin on your heels. Don’t use any kind of blade (like razor) to cut the dry skin off your heels.

Step 4

Use a liquid bandage to cover the cracked heel during treatment.

Step 5

If your heels are severely cracked or infected, visit a doctor. If you dry skin area don’t respond to treatment after two weeks, consider visiting a doctor also. A dermatologist can prescribe you much stronger remedies for dry skin.

Things You’ll Need

  • Loose comfortable shoes
  • Over the counter foot cream
  • Loofah or pumice stone
  • Liquid bandage