Tips on Very Dry Cracked Feet With Thick Dry Skin Around the Crack

heal cracked heelsDry skin on heels isn’t usually serious condition, but it can be uncomfortable, unsightly and sometimes painful. Women that wear shoes that expose the heels especially hate having dry, cracked heels. If the condition isn’t treated, it can become much worse and you could need medical attention.

Causes of dry cracked heels

Several things cause dry cracked heels, ranging from eczema to wearing backless shoes. Some disorders and diseases like thyroid conditions, diabetes, athlete’s foot can cause this condition. Vitamin deficiency, unhygienic conditions, ill fitting shoes or age can also cause dry skin on feet or cracked heels. Some people are naturally prone to dry skin.

Self Treatments

Moisturizing and cleaning the feet on daily basis is the best way to combat dry skin. You can also apply a coat of vegetable shortening on your feet and covet them with socks, or add oil to your bath. Before bed, soak your feet in lukewarm water with oil and use pumice stone to exfoliate. Use epsom salts or HeelTastic cream to moisturize your skin. Follow directions on the package.


Keeping your feet clean, applying moisturizer after a shower or a bath can help prevent cracked heels. Don’t expose your feet to damp condition and avoid going barefoot. Make sure your shoes fit you correctly and that there’s no friction between your heel pads and your shoes. Avoid backless shoes since they increase the risk of dry cracked heels.


If you have bleeding heels or very deeply cracked skin, don’t apply any lotions to it. Consult your family doctor or a dermatologist before the condition aggravates. Don’t use any razor blade or other cutting instrument to cut away your dry skin.