My Heel Tastic Review

dry skin on knees and elbows because of joggingI have to admit that I wasted quite a bit of money on different cracked heels creams and products to see which one worked better. Most brand name heel crack treatments and remedies where very expensive, and those that are cheap looked gross and greasy so I didn’t want to waste any money on them.

Other crack skin products

Basically, after comparing HeelTastic to other brand products I have to give Heel Tastic a thumps up. I used the product for dry elbows, rough knees and dry cracked heels.  I must say that Heel Tastic is the only product out there that worked on cracked heels and passed with flying colors on my rough knees also. Some other really expensive cracked heel remedies worked also, but not so good and not so fast, which just confirmed that HeelTastic works for me the best.

My dry elbows

For some reason, my elbows are constantly rough and dry. After a few days of rubbing Heel Tastic on my elbows, they where smooth and soft. I don’t use the cream often, because now there’s no need.

Cracked and bleeding heels

I’m jogging, and my heels rub against my training shoes and become a bit rough. Coating my heels with Heel Tastic made a huge difference since I no longer have bleeding, cracks or pain in my heels.

Rough Knees

Rough knees aren’t a big problem, but do look a bit gross during the summer when I walk around in shorts. I try using body lotion, but it usually sticks to my pants because it’s a bit greasy. I applied Heeltastic cream on my knees a few times, and forgot about it. When I went to reapply after two weeks, I didn’t have to use it anymore because it worked really fast. Now I apply it to my knees only from time to time, because my knees have been smooth ever since the first application.

So, in my opinion, my use of Heeltastic exemplifies my experience and I think most people would benefit from using this heel stick. Go For It!

Has this recent cold snap got your feet looking and feeling pretty dry and cracked? Heel Tastic may help!