How to Heal Cracked Heels

heel repairAlthough cracked or dry heels are very common, they can be very painful condition and cause great discomfort. In most cases, if not treated, dry skin will cause cracks, calluses form around the cracks and the skin thickens, which makes the problem even worse. Healing cracked heels isn’t hard and keeping your feet looking good isn’t difficult or expensive. Read how.

Step 1

Soak your feet in warm and soapy water for 20 minutes.  You can purchase a foot soak product, if your feet are sore or your heels are extremely cracked.

Step 2

Second step is to buff off as much calloused and dry skin as possible, using a pumice stone. You can use pumice stone not just on your heels, but on toes and edges of your feet. Try to gently scrape of as much thick skin you can using a pumice stone. Repeat the process in a few days time.

Step 3

Thoroughly dry your feet and wait 10 minutes so your feet are completely dry. Don’t leave any moisture on your feet, especially in skin cracks.

Step 4

After your feet are totally dry, apply HeelTastic cream.

Step 5

If you’re going to bed, wear some clean white socks and leave them on all night.

Step 6

If your heels are really cracked, or your feet hurt, do this treatment every day to speed the healing process.

After your heels become smooth and soft again, discontinue to soak your feet. At that phase, simply apply Heel Tastic to keep the condition from reoccurring.