Home Remedies for Dry Cracked Heels

how to get rid of dry skinThe skin on your feet and heels can become cracked or dry for many reasons, especially during colder months. This can become very uncomfortable, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. In most cases, you can heal your dry cracked heels at home with little expense. There are several methods you can use to heal cracked heels and to prevent this condition from appearing again once its healed.

Cracked Heels Exfoliation

Trick for keeping your skin attractive and healthy is exfoliation. You can make exfoliating scrubs with home items you have in your kitchen. You need abrasive ingredient, like salt or sugar and some oil for a carrier. Salt or sugar will slough off dry skin and allow you to moisturize the healthy skin underneath.

Moisturizing Cracked Heels

After exfoliation, you should always apply moisturizing lotion or cream. It’s best if you use cream designed for dry, cracked skin like HeelTastic. Dry skin creams usually contains higher amounts of tea tree oils and soothing mint than regular moisturizer. The easiest to use are concentrated heel repair stick like Heel Tastic, because you will not get your hands dirty while applying the lotion. Immediately after applying HeelTastic, put on a pair of dry, clean socks and leave them on until the lotion gets absorbed into your feet.

Preventing Future Cracked Heels

You can repeat this process of moisturizing and exfoliating for a week or two if needed. Foot cream can be applied two time a day, if needed. If you use a pumice stone to remove callused and thick skin, the lotion will be absorbed even better and your cracked heels will heal quicker.