Home Remedies for Dry Cracked Heels

how to get rid of dry skinThe skin on your feet and heels can become cracked or dry for many reasons, especially during colder months. This can become very uncomfortable, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. In most cases, you can heal your dry cracked heels at home with little expense. There are several methods you can use to heal cracked heels and to prevent this condition from appearing again once its healed.

Cracked Heels Exfoliation

Trick for keeping your skin attractive and healthy is exfoliation. You can make exfoliating scrubs with home items you have in your kitchen. You need abrasive ingredient, like salt or sugar and some oil for a carrier. Salt or sugar will slough off dry skin and allow you to moisturize the healthy skin underneath.

Moisturizing Cracked Heels

After exfoliation, you should always apply moisturizing lotion or cream. It’s best if you use cream designed for dry, cracked skin like HeelTastic. Dry skin creams usually contains higher amounts of tea tree oils and soothing mint than regular moisturizer. The easiest to use are concentrated heel repair stick like Heel Tastic, because you will not get your hands dirty while applying the lotion. Immediately after applying HeelTastic, put on a pair of dry, clean socks and leave them on until the lotion gets absorbed into your feet.

Preventing Future Cracked Heels

You can repeat this process of moisturizing and exfoliating for a week or two if needed. Foot cream can be applied two time a day, if needed. If you use a pumice stone to remove callused and thick skin, the lotion will be absorbed even better and your cracked heels will heal quicker.

Tips on Very Dry Cracked Feet With Thick Dry Skin Around the Crack

heal cracked heelsDry skin on heels isn’t usually serious condition, but it can be uncomfortable, unsightly and sometimes painful. Women that wear shoes that expose the heels especially hate having dry, cracked heels. If the condition isn’t treated, it can become much worse and you could need medical attention.

Causes of dry cracked heels

Several things cause dry cracked heels, ranging from eczema to wearing backless shoes. Some disorders and diseases like thyroid conditions, diabetes, athlete’s foot can cause this condition. Vitamin deficiency, unhygienic conditions, ill fitting shoes or age can also cause dry skin on feet or cracked heels. Some people are naturally prone to dry skin.

Self Treatments

Moisturizing and cleaning the feet on daily basis is the best way to combat dry skin. You can also apply a coat of vegetable shortening on your feet and covet them with socks, or add oil to your bath. Before bed, soak your feet in lukewarm water with oil and use pumice stone to exfoliate. Use epsom salts or HeelTastic cream to moisturize your skin. Follow directions on the package.


Keeping your feet clean, applying moisturizer after a shower or a bath can help prevent cracked heels. Don’t expose your feet to damp condition and avoid going barefoot. Make sure your shoes fit you correctly and that there’s no friction between your heel pads and your shoes. Avoid backless shoes since they increase the risk of dry cracked heels.


If you have bleeding heels or very deeply cracked skin, don’t apply any lotions to it. Consult your family doctor or a dermatologist before the condition aggravates. Don’t use any razor blade or other cutting instrument to cut away your dry skin.

How to Heal Cracked Heels

heel repairAlthough cracked or dry heels are very common, they can be very painful condition and cause great discomfort. In most cases, if not treated, dry skin will cause cracks, calluses form around the cracks and the skin thickens, which makes the problem even worse. Healing cracked heels isn’t hard and keeping your feet looking good isn’t difficult or expensive. Read how.

Step 1

Soak your feet in warm and soapy water for 20 minutes.  You can purchase a foot soak product, if your feet are sore or your heels are extremely cracked.

Step 2

Second step is to buff off as much calloused and dry skin as possible, using a pumice stone. You can use pumice stone not just on your heels, but on toes and edges of your feet. Try to gently scrape of as much thick skin you can using a pumice stone. Repeat the process in a few days time.

Step 3

Thoroughly dry your feet and wait 10 minutes so your feet are completely dry. Don’t leave any moisture on your feet, especially in skin cracks.

Step 4

After your feet are totally dry, apply HeelTastic cream.

Step 5

If you’re going to bed, wear some clean white socks and leave them on all night.

Step 6

If your heels are really cracked, or your feet hurt, do this treatment every day to speed the healing process.

After your heels become smooth and soft again, discontinue to soak your feet. At that phase, simply apply Heel Tastic to keep the condition from reoccurring.

cracked heels

What To Do If You Have Cracked Heels?

If not treated, dry feet skin can lead to cracked heels, and when cracks become deep, it can become very discomfortable and even painful. Dry skin usually develops into corns or calluses, and if the calluses on your feet split under pressure this will lead to cracked heels problem.

Cracks in your skin can become infected, which could cause even greater discomfort and pain, so if you already have very deep cracks please see a doctor or dermatologist.

What to do if you have cracked heels?

Step 1

Don’t wear shoes which have open backs because this dries out your heels and will crack even more. Wear shoes that aren’t too tight and don’t rub on your heels so you don’t worsen your condition

Step 2

Purchase foot cream or lotion. Most remedies for dry skin can be purchased over-the-counter. Regularly apply the heel cream on your cracked heels so your skin  would stop drying out. You can use the heel cream treatment twice a day for a week, to get the best results. It’s best if you find special heel cream with alpha-hydroxy, salicylic acid and urea, like Heel Tastic.

Step 3

Use a pumice stone or loofah sponge to buff the dry skin on your heels. Don’t use any kind of blade (like razor) to cut the dry skin off your heels.

Step 4

Use a liquid bandage to cover the cracked heel during treatment.

Step 5

If your heels are severely cracked or infected, visit a doctor. If you dry skin area don’t respond to treatment after two weeks, consider visiting a doctor also. A dermatologist can prescribe you much stronger remedies for dry skin.

Things You’ll Need

  • Loose comfortable shoes
  • Over the counter foot cream
  • Loofah or pumice stone
  • Liquid bandage

My Heel Tastic Review

dry skin on knees and elbows because of joggingI have to admit that I wasted quite a bit of money on different cracked heels creams and products to see which one worked better. Most brand name heel crack treatments and remedies where very expensive, and those that are cheap looked gross and greasy so I didn’t want to waste any money on them.

Other crack skin products

Basically, after comparing HeelTastic to other brand products I have to give Heel Tastic a thumps up. I used the product for dry elbows, rough knees and dry cracked heels.  I must say that Heel Tastic is the only product out there that worked on cracked heels and passed with flying colors on my rough knees also. Some other really expensive cracked heel remedies worked also, but not so good and not so fast, which just confirmed that HeelTastic works for me the best.

My dry elbows

For some reason, my elbows are constantly rough and dry. After a few days of rubbing Heel Tastic on my elbows, they where smooth and soft. I don’t use the cream often, because now there’s no need.

Cracked and bleeding heels

I’m jogging, and my heels rub against my training shoes and become a bit rough. Coating my heels with Heel Tastic made a huge difference since I no longer have bleeding, cracks or pain in my heels.

Rough Knees

Rough knees aren’t a big problem, but do look a bit gross during the summer when I walk around in shorts. I try using body lotion, but it usually sticks to my pants because it’s a bit greasy. I applied Heeltastic cream on my knees a few times, and forgot about it. When I went to reapply after two weeks, I didn’t have to use it anymore because it worked really fast. Now I apply it to my knees only from time to time, because my knees have been smooth ever since the first application.

So, in my opinion, my use of Heeltastic exemplifies my experience and I think most people would benefit from using this heel stick. Go For It!

Has this recent cold snap got your feet looking and feeling pretty dry and cracked? Heel Tastic may help!


Heel Tastic dry cracked feet treatment

Would Heel Tastic – Dry Cracked Feet Treatment – Work For You?

Dry cracked feet condition is very painful and also quite annoying. Thousands of people suffer from dry cracked feet or dry cracked heels, and spend thousands of dollars on different skin lotions, pedicures and other feet treatments. No matter how professional is the pedicure, or how frequent it is done, it doesn’t necessary solve the problem completely.

You can find dozen of different skin lotions and other products to threat the problem, and one with which thousands of people had best results is Heel Tastic.  It’s available in drug stores, department stores and also online. HeelTastic ingredients are mostly various oils, all of them natural and certified. Heel Tastic does not contain any chemicals or preservatives which can irritate the skin. All HeelTastic ingredients are tested not to be harmful and the lotion is dispensed in stick form, for easy application.

If you would use Heel Tastic for couple of weeks, you would return your cracked heels or dry skin to silky smooth one again. Neem and Karanja oil in Heel Tastic renovate your soar skin, without any itching or allergic reactions.

You could spent hundreds of dollars every month on pedicures, but there’s no guarantee that dry cracked feet problem will be resolved with this method, and not to mention how expensive this could be. If your problem is very severe, best advice is to visit your doctor and let him identify the cause of your dry skin condition. Heel Tastic is non prescription treatment, so you could use parallel with and treatment plan your doctor subscribes.

Application of this dry cracked heels treatment is very easy, thanks to a tube-like container. You only need to hold the tube, and rub HeelTastic cream on your feet. When the product becomes too low, just push the bottom of the applicator and more Heel Tastic cream will be pushed to the top.

My advice is to first soak your feet in warm (but not too hot) soapy water, and use a pumice stone to exfoliate the dry skin. Or you can use different foot scrub, if you prefer. After applying Heet Tastic, put clean white socks on your feet, because the product is oily. Of course, you can apply it to your knees and elbows, if those areas are affected with dry skin condition.

Heel Tastic foot cream for cracked heels is getting extremely positive reviews from customers. People are seeing dramatic results and improvements just after three or four days of using Heel Tastic. In some more severe cases, the results didn’t appear until almost a week.

Still, few days or a week, Heel Tastic can provide you with cracked heel relief and make your skin soft again. Heel Tastic is not a magic cracked heel treatment which will give results overnight, although many customers saw results after only three or four days! Satisfying and significant results are guaranteed, so if you want to see how does Heel Tastic really works, try it yourself!

The Best Cracked Heel Treatment on the Market?

The Best Cracked Heel Treatment on the MarketIn my opinion, the best way to get rid of cracked heels skin is to find the ideal cracked heel cream for your skin type, and apply it on affected parts of your body. Cracked heels on feet and cracked elbows is actually a quite common problem which occurs as a result of lack of moisture. If the skin is neglected for some time, the condition will deteriorate further.

At first, cracked skin condition is only aesthetic problem, but if the problem persist it can result in more serious problems like bleeding, physical discomfort and pain. The exposed parts of the skin are more at risk of caching an infection.

That’s way it’s very important to take this issues seriously and find the best cracked heel treatment to cure it successfully. Cracked heels and elbows can be caused by various factors. Some people have naturally less oily skin; sometimes incorrect standing or walking posture and wrong footwear can be the cause of cracked heels. In some cases (like mine) your job can be the reason for cracked skin on elbows.

In every case, by using correct cracked heel treatment, like moisturizer or cream, you will moisturize the dry skin areas which will make it more supple and oily. All cracked skin creams (or moisturizers) contain different ingredients, so it is best if you evaluate the different products available on the market to compare the ingredients.

If your skin is really cracked and the stage is advanced you may need medically proven solution. However, in most not so severe cases, moisturizers in the form of a skin cream will suffice. All the best cracked heels creams work internally (deep into the skin) and heel the cracked skin to make it supple, elastic and healthy.

If you, like me, are looking for cracked skin cream then go visit this website:

Simple Way to Get Rid of Dry Cracked Heels

slippers for cracked feetI think we all agree that cracked heel and dry itchy feet are not sexy. We are most aware of this issue in summer months, but this problem can occur throughout the year. If you can’t afford a pedicure or if you had tried it and it didn’t work, here is a simple method to get rid of cracked heels at home.

Step 1
First, soak your feet for five to then minutes in a warm bath made of 1 cup of milk and 5 cups of warm water.

Step 2
Make a foot scrub with 1 / 2 cup of oil and add 4 teaspoons of salt. It is best to use baby oil, coconut or sweet almond oil. If you don’t have any, you can use an ordinary vegetable oil.

Step 3
Massage your feet in circular motion using this foot scrub. Rub it in reall good.

Step 4
Scrub the heels and bottom of your feet with pumice stone or loofah. Then rinse in clear water and dry your feet.

Step 5
Before going to bed  rub a Stridex pillow over heels and other dry cracked skin areas areas. Stridex is a great exfoliant because it contains  2% salicylic acid.

Step 6
Rub your feet with moisturizer with Vaseline, cocoa or Shea butter. This will hydratize your feet and help your skin regain moisture.

Step 7
Put a pair of socks and keep them on while you sleep or for at least 3 hours.

You should repeat this process for at least a week to see some results, and get rid of dry cracked heels.

6 Tips How to Heal Dry Cracked Feet

Shea Butter for dry cracked feet

Shea Butter Foot Soap for dry cracked feet

Dry or cracked feet are definitely  unattractive and can even be painful. In some cases,  cracked feet can even bleed. Cracks are often present around the heels and between the toes. If your feet are itchy or cracked,it means that your skin is very dry. You should take steps to restore natural moisture of your skin to resolve symptoms. There are a number of methods you can use to do this, and with a little dedication and some care, you can treat dry cracked feet very effectively.

Tip 1
Rub cocoa or Shea butter on your damaged skin. These natural butters are very hydrating and can help to remove dry and cracked skin on the your feet. Shea and cocoa butter can be bought in most stores.

Tip 2
Burst a capsule of vitamin E and smear the contents of your dry cracked feet. Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin and can improve dry, chapped skin on the feet.

Tip 3
Another product that you can find in almost any store, are foot cream and lotion. These products contain paraffin which will protect your skin from further damage and at the same time keep moisture in your skin.

Tip 4
Try exfoliating your feet. Very dry skin on the feet can be removed by peeling. Use loofah, a body scrub or pumice stone to remove dead skin cells. For best results, soften the skin by soaking your feet in warm water for ten minutes before exfoliating.

Tip 5
Spread your feet with Vaseline or petroleum jelly. After that, put a pair of clean socks on your feet and let the Vaseline on your feet for several hours. Petroleum jelly will soften your dry skin, which will allow it to heal quickly.

Tip 6
Wear comfortable shoes every day. Shoes that you do not snugly on your foot, or which irritated skin of your feet are often the cause of dry, cracked skin problems.

Additional tips:
Drinking plenty of water will help you keep your skin hydrated.

Avoid feet care products that contain alcohol, since, alcohol will dry out your skin.

Heel Tastic Reviews

mnashat’s Full Review

Pros: works within a few days, mostly natural ingredients, compact, easy application

Cons: medicinal smell, shouldn’t be used on open sores

Product Rating: Heeltastic 4 stars rating

The Bottom Line: The product improved the feel of my dry, cracked heels, so I would recommend this product.
Heel -tastic is an “as seen on TV” product for dry, cracked heels. I became interested because I normally have dry skin and it gets worse in the winter.

In order to see if heel-tastic worked, I used it on one foot. On the other foot, I used another cream (Cetaphil moisturizing cream). Within 3 days there was a noticable difference. I think the Cetaphil took one more day, but it also worked. By one week, there was a marked difference from the state of my dry heels originally. But, it didn’t completely remove all dry skin. I believe I should pick up a pumice stone, but I keep forgetting. The Cetaphil improved my heels to a similar degree in about one week. I have been using Heel-tastic for about one month now.

So, the bottom line is: Heel-tastic worked to reduce dry cracked heels.

Another positive aspect is that it is easy to apply. If you don’t like touching your feet, then this will do the trick. You use it like a roll on, but it is more like chapstick–thick wax in a tube. It is also compact, so you can take it with you (even in your carry on!) if you travel.

I put Heel-tastic on with socks, one a day, at night. The directions say to use “as needed.” It is best not to walk around on your feet after you’ve applied Heel-tastic. The label has a warning “The application of Heel-Tastic to your feet may increae the chances of a slip and fall.” So, it recommends not to go barefoot after the application.

I do not really like the smell. It is strong-smelling, like lemon-menthol. Some of the smell may come from ingredients like shea butter. The product does have a lot of other herbal ingredients, but it also contains a medication called dimethicone (the “active ingredient”). Like anything you put on your skin (or in your eyes, or in your mouth), you should try it in a small region first and see if irritation occurs.

Dimethicone is an emollient. I have been told to use other emollients by dermatologists for my dry skin condition. I also like Cutamol (but it is expensive and has to be ordered in a pharmacy) and Cetaphil moisturizing cream is available in drugstores and seems to work well if used regularly. I looked up whether dimethione is harmful and the scientific research says no (although some online sites say that it is). I think that there have been some rare adverse reactions (such as allergic responses), so that’s probably why some people don’t like it. It is a medication, so if you don’t like putting things like that into or on to your body, then you can use something else. It seems to be used as a skin-softener in several cosmetic-type products.

Many of the “inactive ingredients” in Heel-tastic are natural. They include coconut, fruit oil, soybean wax, beeswax, carnauba wax, many seed oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, tocopheryl acetate (vit. E), retinyl palmitate (vit. A ester) and others.

Heel-tastic did not irritate my skin. My skin is very sensitive and prone to dermititis, so I always test products. Everyone is different and everyone should test, but this product did not cause me any problems in that regard.

I am not sure how long one 2 oz. tube will last because I have used it for one month and it is still mostly full.

All in all, I can say that this product did improve my dry, cracked heels. I like the easy application and small container. I am getting my heels ready for summer sandels! source


debredz2r’s Full Review:

Pros: Easy to use
It works!

Cons: slippery

Product Rating:

The Bottom Line: I recommend this with 2 thumbs up! or 2 heels up! I have probably the most severe case of dry cracked heels, and this truly worked for me!

I have been watching the infomercials for Heel Tastic on TV for a long time. I finally decided to give it a try and bought one for $9.99. It has been the Best $10 I have spent in a long time!

Heel Tastic goes on like a stick of deodorant. It is waxy in texture and seems to melt when it’s on your skin. You don’t have to touch it when you apply it, but I have been rubbing it into the skin of my heels and entire feet, I make another application on the heels and then put my socks on for the night. I only apply it at night so I don’t walk around and wear it off. You should not walk with this on, it is slippery, even with socks on.

It has a smell of Shea Butter and other herbals. It’s not pleasant. My husband doesn’t think it’s bad, but me and everyone else in my house thinks so. My 5 yr old, he will sniff it, then make gagging sounds, LOL

But, I will take the bad smell because this stuff really works! I had very severe dry cracked, calloused heels..the cracks were very deep. At some points during this past winter, they even bled.

I started seeing results after a week or two, but the great results have taken two months. My heels are mostly normal looking. I’d say a 98% on my left heel and a 100% on my right. My left heel, which had the most severe crack, is almost there as far as healing. Before the Heel Tastic, I had to regularly shave the cracked calloused skin, then use the ped egg to smooth out the skin. I have not had to use the foot shaver or the Ped Egg since using this Heel Tastic.

I use Heel Tastic regularly, applying it at night time. For maintenance, because my feet get such a severe case of callouses and cracks, while I’m in the tub I use the foot file once in a while, it keeps the skin smooth.I can tell when it needs it because the skin starts turning white in those areas. But this Heel Tastic, it works. Nothing else has ever worked on my heels before.I was using the Jergens Ultra Healing extra dry skin Lotion, but even that was not working. I have also tried other severe condition lotions.

I give this a two thumbs up! Hooray to the person who invented this! source

elzora’s Full Review:

Pros: Inexpensive, lasts a long time, it works to soften heels

Cons: Smells awful, pretty oily

Product Rating: Heeltastic 4 stars rating

The Bottom Line: Easy to apply, makes heels feel good, softens skin

When the Discovery Channel aired their Pitchmen show, with hose Billy Mays, I was very impressed with inventor Melinda Clark, who was trying to get her HeelTastic product to mass markets.

Since that time, I have seen Heel Tastic on those television infomercials. HeelTastic retails for $10, and the shipping was $6.99.


HeelTastic comes in a clear tube shaped plastic container. It measures 4 inches high and 1 7/8 inches in diameter. It reminds me of a stick of deodorant, as the balm rolls up by turning the bottom clockwise.

The stick itself is almost white in color, and is a hard but greasy, hard balm. The cap is also clear. The container reads “Intensive Heel Therapy. Watch dry cracked heels disappear”. There is a before and after picture, that is, as one would expect, quite impressive.


* Contains natural Neem & Karanja oils
* Easy to use
* Fast results
* No mess
* Great Scent

About The Ingredients

I have two other heel softening products at home, and I have since learned they don’t contain the best or safest ingredients (at least as far as I am concerned!).

HeelTastic seems quite natural. It’s active ingredient is dimethicone, which is a skin protectant, but there is only 1% of this ingredient in the formula. Other ingredients are: coconut fruit oil, soybean wax, beeswax, carnauba wax, ozokerite, proprietary blend of essential oils, neem seed oil, karanja seed oil, black cumin seed oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, isopropyl myristate, rice bran oil, olive fruit oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, safflower seed oil, sunflower seed oil, tolnaftate, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), retinyl palmitate (form of vitamin A), phenoxyethanol, and caprylyl glycol.

My Experience

The first time I used HeelTastic, I knew this product was different from the others in my medicine cabinet. The balm glides over my heels extremely easy, it’s soft as butter and so smooth! The fact that I can roll up more of the product as needed means I don’t have to get any on my hands.

I use this every morning and every evening, and it does tend to be a little bit greasy, and although I liked the fact that I didn’t have to get my hands in it, I now massage it into my heels with my hands, as I feel it absorbs better and faster that way. The product is so greasy it really takes a good hand washing with soap to remove it all, and I made the mistake of touching my eyes once when I hadn’t completely washed it off, and I don’t recommend anyone doing that.

In as little as a few days I was starting to see improvement in the appearance of my heels. They used to be so rough that my panty hose would snag on them! I am amazed at how quickly HeelTastic starts to work.

Last, I take issue with the claim that HeelTastic has a “great scent”. I do not think this smells great. I can only assume it is one of the natural oils that I am smelling.

I used to clean with neem oil, and I was never crazy about the odor. Another culprit could be the ozokerite. This is an ingredient that I have never heard of before, so I looked it up at my good friend Merriam-Webster, which describes ozokerite as a waxy mineral mixture of hydrocarbons that is colorless or white when pure and often of unpleasant odor.

Luckily, it has not seemed to make my socks or my bed sheets smell too bad. Interesting also is the fact that the directions say to use “as needed”, so this is very much up to the individual how often you use it. It is not intended for kids under the age of 2.

The ingredients are holistic and impressive. I wasn’t too sure about the safety of dimethicone, the active ingredient, so I looked it up on Skin Deep. It is listed as being toxic to non-reproductive organs, but there are no concerns for cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, allergies/immunotoxicity, or contamination concerns.

Skin Deep also prefaces their findings with this statement: The chart below indicates that research studies have found that exposure to this ingredient — not the products containing it — caused the indicated health effect(s) in the studies reviewed by Skin Deep researchers.

To conclude, HeelTastic worked for me, and in as little as three days. I don’t know if I will have to continue to use it to keep my heels soft, but I would imagine it needs to be used on occasion once they are at a stage you are happy with.

It’s not messy, unless you decide to rub it into your heels, as I do. The applicator has a great roll up design that allows you to use it without getting any on your hands, if you so desire.

It worked for me, and I think it is worth a $10 investment to see if it will work for you. Just don’t expect it to smell “great”. source


popsrocks’s Full Review:

Pros: Works quickly to soften hard dry skin

Cons: A stinky smell

Product Rating: Heeltastic 4 stars rating

The Bottom Line: Heel Tastic worked well for me. I had an extremely painful cracked sole on my foot. In two days the problem was gone.

I was out of work for a few days due to an open sore on the bottom of my foot due to very dry skin. Though the sore was painful it was my knee that kept me out of work. Walking awkwardly on my foot put unnatural pressure on a knee that was completely replaced some ten years ago. It was that strain that kept me off my feet.

As Seen on TV

To the rescue came my daughter. She had a product that she knew of from TV. I never found out why she purchased it. When she heard of my problem she gave me her package of the “magic formula” that heals heels. I never saw the TV commercials but the packaging stated,

Easy to use
Fast Results
No Mess
Great scent

I immediately knew something was wrong with such boast. The mix smells like…It’s tough to explain but there’s a menthol base like a Vics Vapor rub but not as powerful. The rest has an earthy odor. Yup, like dirt. It’s not a pleasant smell but it’s not bad enough to turn me off from it or bother me through the day.

What’s In It For Me

The ingredients would fill up a page of this review. I will note that there’s an active ingredient of dimethicone 1%. The rest is a witches brew of natural ingredients…emulsified bat wing, frogs toenail, hair from the tail of a monkey, blood from an earthworm and ground tusks of a warthog. OK, you know I’m kidding. There is however a mix of some twenty seed oils, bees wax, coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil and much more. The AS SEEN ON TV packaging highlights “With Natural Neem and Karanja Oil.” Sorry, I don’t know what the stuff is so it doesn’t impress me by name.

The soft butter like consistency of this 2 oz product is packaged in a wide plastic, push up tube. Something like an over sized deodorant dispenser and when you twist the bottom the product is pushed out of the top. This keeps the product on the dry area and away from hands.

Pops On the Mend

It’s kinda wimpy sounding to say ya can’t work because of cracked skin on a foot but its effects on my knee made it so. I opened the package and liberally rolled the butter like product onto affected dry areas of my heels and soles. It went on freely and easily. That smell was present but dissipated after a bit.

After day one the skin felt a bit less raspy but was still tough. The second day was when the cracked pain was gone. The skin was much softer and each step was painless. Two day! I am now walking around without any problem. I have used other “cracked heel” meds but this one is a winner. I read somewhere, probably on this site that someone else used this or a like product and applied it to one foot and not the other. I di the same to a noticeable difference. While the skin on my untreated foot remained hard and dry the other softened up considerably.

I tend to get seriously cracked heels in the summer when I’m wearing sandals 24/7 on none work days and when on vacation. I’ll let you know how it works for me then. source

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